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Impreza Exhaust systems

We are world famous for our high performance Impreza exhausts, including our Afterburner, Ninja and Racebox range. We are also proud to stock Blitz Nur Spec, HKS, Hayward and Scott and Buddy Club.
Impreza Turbo 1993-2000 Classic
Impreza Turbo 2001-2005 New Age
Impreza Turbo 2006-2007 Hawkeye
WRX & STI Hatchback 2008 on
WRX and STI Saloon 2010 on
Subaru BRZ 2012 On
2015 WRX STI
Impreza Sport, GX & Non-Turbo
Legacy Models
Forester Models
Exhaust Gaskets & Bolts
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