Scoobyworld Catch Tank / Catchcan

£49.99 inc VAT

Scoobyworld Catch Tank / Catchcan

Scoobyworld Oil catch tank plus fitting kit in mirror polished finish with anodised red and blue fixtures and incorporating a sight glass.

This awesome piece of engine dress up is designed not only to look great but to remove oil vapour which would normally be re introduced into your cars intake system which can hinder performance by contaminating the air mixture as well as removing 'dirty' gases back into the intake.

The sight glass allows easy monitoring of the tanks capacity and is easily emptied by a screw cap at the base of the unit.

Comes complete with mounting bracket, hosing and clips. As with ANY catch tank kit not specific to the Impreza but slim enough to mount in most busy engine bays! A must for all of us that like to show off our engines!!!

Dimensions of tank minus fittings - 160mm x 65mm